So you slog and toll, saving up all your monies in the bank/under your bed in a Milo tin can over many moons, and finally proceed to redeem your property, but at the end, the law firm hands you a black and white paper copy of the your title deed.

“I have redeemed my loan, but why do i get a black and white copy of the title deed, where is my original title deed?”


Well, do not worry, your title deed is still safe with Singapore land Authority. Towards the end of 2016, SLA actually went paperless with the title deeds.

It address one main issue:

  • People losing title deed.

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If you are only getting back a black and white paperback copy of your title deed upon completion of the redemption, it means SLA is keeping the original title deed  and chances are, you probably used CPF in that property.

Propertywiki tip 101: What can I do to get back my original colour hard back title deed?
– well if you have used CPF in the property, you will also need to engage a law firm to help you do a voluntary refund of all your CPF used (principal + accrued interest) with your own cash first, and discharge the CPF charge. Then the law firm will write to SLA to retrieve the original  title deed.

So you are still unsure? Do contact us if you have any further queries and we will do our best to answer it if it is not found anywhere here!