Best Pest Control Services Singapore – Price List of Rentokil, Anticimex & Others

When there’s something strange in your neighbourhood, who you’re gonna call?

If the strange intruders in question are termites, roaches, mosquitoes, ants, bed bugs and rats, your best bet is your friendly neighbourhood pest control company. Being a tropical country, Singapore is no stranger to these pests. You might find them plaguing your homes and offices repeatedly.

To help you decide who to engage in order to get rid of these common pests, here are the top 5 pest control services in Singapore, their prices and what they offer.

Top 5 pest control services in Singapore

Prices of pest control services vary according to the type of pests, the area affected, the degree of the problem, office or residential property, and the treatments used. For this reason, pest control companies don’t list their price lists online. These prices are what we found online plus readers’ contributions:

Pest Control Company

$290 to $800+

Origin Exterminator
$130 to $655+

$180 to $850+

$250 to $550+

Killem Pest
$150 to $800+


1. Anticimex Singapore

Anticimex is one of the largest pest control companies in the world with some 5,000 experts on their staff. Apart from general pest and termite control, Anticimex specialises in pest problems in the garden such as stinging insects and rats, which is useful for landed property owners in Singapore.

The other cool thing about Anticimex is its technology, an intelligent system of strategically placed sensors and non-toxic traps. These monitor and instantly react to your pest situation to prevent infestations. Smart units are connected to their a data hub so they can keep a constant tab on your case. This system combined with the work of their pest controllers make for a total solution to your pest problems.

Anticimex also offers $290 monthly retainers on top of the services on this list, however, we initially had trouble contacting the service via the general land line. Do contact them via the below mobile number if you face problems as well.

Address: 3A International Business Park Rd, #11-01/05, S(609935)
Tel: 6862 3828 (8am to 6pm, Mon – Fri)

2. ORIGIN Exterminators

ORIGIN Exterminators has in-house biologists, entomologists and environmental scientists who turn the latest research into the most effective and safest solutions. So, water-based mist, bait and target methods are their preferred methods of dealing with all the common pests that plague homes, offices and industrial buildings. They also use an Environmental Management System (ISO14001) to ensure their processes are eco-friendly.

Apart from experts in R&D, ORIGIN has another unique employee on its staff – a pest detection dog named Sparky. He’s trained to sniff out bed bugs which are notorious for being sneaky and great at hiding in tight spots. Cute!

Address: 39 Jalan Pemimpin, #01-01, S(577182)
Tel: 6280 5666

3. Rentokil Singapore

Rentokil Singapore is probably one of the oldest pest control companies in Singapore. Around for over five decades, the company originated in the UK in 1927 and has been voted a Singapore Superbrand by consumers for 10 years in a row. Worldwide, Rentokil has presence in more than 60 countries.

The company boasts 380 pest control specialists in Singapore who are adept at dealing with termites, flying insects (flies, mozzies, moths, bees, wasps and hornets), creepy crawlies including ants, roaches and bed bugs as well as larger pests like rodents, birds, spiders and snakes. They will fumigate, eradicate and control pests in your home and workplace.

You can submit an enquiry via the Rentokil website about what pests you are trying to get rid of and they will give you recommendations and lead you to a form where you fill to get your free quote. You can also make payment for your pest control services online.

Note that while the price is relatively average for most pests, they have quite a high price tag for removing bed bugs.

Address: 16, 18 Jalan Mesin, S(368815)
Tel: 9180 9990

4. PestBusters

Specialising in fumigation, and termite and mosquito control, PestBusters was founded in 1991 with offices in Asia as well as the UK has some hi-tech toys that would do Hollywood’s super spies proud.

Their pest control specialists wear body cams that let them stream real-time videos. This allows supervisors to remotely provide guidance while promising transparency and accountability. To suss out infestations and survey pests, they rely on drones that give excellent aerial views and access to hard-to-reach places in just a fraction of the time it takes to do the job manually.

Their vehicles and assets are also GPS-enabled. This lets them respond to your call for help pronto because they’re able to identify the field team closest to you and connect them to you. The GPS trackers also make it easy to manage and track their vehicles so they can map out the fastest routes for emergencies.

If you’re not comfortable with fumes of fogging due to pets or children, they offer misting, which is an eco-friendly alternative. A thin layer of environmentally friendly chemicals is sprayed in the affected areas that coats vegetation. The mist is harmless to plants and people and only kills mosquitoes when they feed on the plant sap.

Address: 22 New Industrial Road, #02-03 to 08 Primax, S(536208)
Tel: 6288 2828

5. Killem Pest

Killem Pest has more than 100 licensed pest control technicians, over 45 vehicles, 500 pieces of equipment.

In the business since 1993, they can get rid of pests such as ants, mosquitoes, mice, rodents, bed bugs and cockroaches to more potentially dangerous problems such as snakes, spiders, bees, hornets and wasps. They also use their own chemicals developed through years of research to ensure that they are safe for people and the environment.

However, there are humane ways of removing bees in Singapore. Look for Nutrinest Singapore at 9147 4065 for humane beehive removals.

Put in your request into the website and Killem Pest will contact you with a quote.

While the termite removal service is quite expensive at $800, it comes with a one-year warranty, which goes to show some level of confidence about the efficacy of their service. One good thing about Killem Pest is that their ant removal service is pretty inexpensive.

Address: 48 Toh Guan Road East, #04-99 Enterprise Hub, S(608586)
Tel: 6896 6607

Which one of these pest control services have you used? Share your experiences with us below! 

Header image credit: Graham Richardson via Flickr

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