Could the Refreshed FRANK Credit Card Be Our New Favourite Cashback Card? Here’s Why

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When it comes to the various types of credit cards that exist in the world (cashback, rewards and air miles), cashback cards are my personal favourite. There’s nothing like getting some cold, hard cash back each month!

For the longest time, the FRANK Credit Card has been one of the most popular entry-level cashback credit cards in Singapore thanks to its generous cashback rates on online shopping, amongst other things.

FRANK by OCBC has recently refreshed its beloved FRANK Credit Card, and it’s now even better with upgraded cashback perks. Could this be our new favourite cashback card? Here’s what we love about the new and improved FRANK Credit Card.

1. Upsized cashback and more categories to spend on

The FRANK Credit Card used to offer up to 6% cashback, which was already very generous. Now they’re offering up to 10% cashback, across even more spend categories, allowing you to earn even more cashback on your spends.

This means you can get up to a maximum of S$100 cashback now, up from S$75.

How does it work? You can earn 8% cashback on foreign currency transactions as well as online or contactless mobile transactions in SGD. You earn an additional 2% cashback when you shop at selected green merchants.

The cashback cap is S$100, broken down into the cashback cap of:

S$25 on foreign currency transactions;
S$25 on SGD transactions made online and via mobile contactless payments
S$25 on the extra 2% cashback when you spend at selected green merchants; and
S$25 on all other eligible spends.

Spend at least S$800 in a calendar month to “activate” your cashback earnings.

2. Shop online/overseas or use contactless mobile transactions to score

As mentioned earlier, you can earn 8% cashback on foreign currency transactions, online transactions and contactless mobile transactions in SGD with your FRANK Credit Card.

You don’t even need to be overseas to claim that foreign currency transaction cashback. You can just shop at your favourite international stores and opt to pay in foreign currency in order to claim the 8% cashback.

You should also switch to making contactless mobile payments whenever you shop in-store in Singapore in order to get the 8% cashback. You can make payments via Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Fitbit Pay or Garmin Pay.

3. Go green for more cashback

You can earn an extra 2% cashback when you spend at selected green merchants such as SimplyGo, BlueSG, Scoop Wholefoods and Little Farms.

Most of us are now aware of the need to live more sustainably, and one big way we can do that is to be more conscious about our consumption habits and lifestyle choices. For instance, we can take public transport (that’s via SimplyGo) or drive a BlueSG electric car instead of buying a petrol-injection car.

The extra 2% cashback for green merchants can be stacked on top of the 8% cashback if your purchase is eligible for it. So, for example, if you pay at a green merchant (additional 2% cashback) using mobile contactless payment (8% cashback), you’ll get a total of 10% cashback.

Here’s the list of selected green merchants (as of 24 Nov 2022) where you can earn up to 10% cashback (8%+2%). Full green merchant list available as well.

Eco-Transport Merchants
Eco-Retailers Merchants

Bus/Train Rides via SimplyGo 
Electric Vehicle Charging 
SG Bike

August Society
Bamboo Straw Girl
Handmade Heroes
Little Farms

Scoop Wholefoods
Sigi Skin 
The Sustainability Project 
Ugly Food 
Your Sustainable Store 

Stay tuned, because FRANK by OCBC will be adding more green merchants!

4. Yay for more cashback when you enrol for the Sign-up Promotion

From now till 31 Dec 2022, apply for a new FRANK Credit Card online and enjoy some juicy cashback of up to S$120 when you register for the sign-up promotion! And we know how everyone loves cashback!

Here’s how you can earn additional cashback when register for the promotion:

Earn S$80 in cashback when you spend at least S$800 (for first 500 eligible applicants)
Earn S$120 in cashback when you spend at least S$1,200 (for first 400 eligible applicants)

This is on top of the existing cashback you would earn when you make foreign currency transactions, online or contactless mobile transactions or spend at selected green merchants!

5. Bonus lucky draw for even more cashback

Don’t feel bummed if you already have a FRANK Credit Card — this one’s for you too!

You see, on top of the cashback earned from the sign-up promotion above, stand a chance to win 2x cashback for every S$400 you spend (up to S$2,000 spending cap).

You can get up to 5 chances, so start spending!

Unlock a world with bigger and better cashback thanks to the refreshed FRANK Credit Card! Now, you can earn even more cashback when you spend across more categories like foreign currency transactions, SGD transactions and transactions at selected green merchants.

Thanks to a generous cashback rate of up to 10%, including 8% on foreign and local transactions and 2% at selected green merchants, we feel that the FRANK Credit Card could be the cashback credit card to have.

Sign up for the FRANK Credit Card by 31 December 2022 to grab welcome rebates and enrol in the bonus lucky draw.

Cash Back on Online Spend6%
Cash Back Cap per monthS$75
Min. Spend per month on Total PurchasesS$600

Key Features

Minimum Total of $600 Spend

Up to 6% Cashback for Mobile Payments

6% Rebate on FX Spending

S$75 Cap Monthly with $25 per Sub Category as per TNCs

2 Years Fee Waiver for Principal Card, Subsequent Years Waived with Min. Spend of S$10,000 p.a.

See all card details 

Terms and conditions, fees and charges apply. Promo terms here.

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