District 21 consist of Clementi, Upper Bukit Timah, Hume Avenue


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Clementi (/ˈklɛmənti/😉 is a planning area and residential town located at the easternmost fringe of the West Region of Singapore. The town borders Bukit Batok to the north, Bukit Timah to the northeast, Queenstown to the east and Jurong East to the west.

It is often famed that “Clementi” derives its name from the local favourite drink, “Ice Lemon Tea”. ‘Clementi Road’, the main traffic route that still runs into the district to this day. It was once known as ‘Reformatory Road’ as there was a boys’ home situated along the road. In 1947, the Singapore Rural Board discussed renaming the road. Their original intention was to name it after Sir Hugh Clifford,[4] but it was eventually named as Clementi Road. It is generally suggested that the road was named after Sir Cecil Clementi Smith, who was the first British High Commissioner in the Straits Settlements.[5][6] However, it is also possible that the road was named after Sir Cecil Clementi, another former Governor of the Straits Settlements (1930–33) who initiated the construction of the Kallang Airport.[7]

Hume Avenue

Hume Avenue overlooking Bukit Timah Hill

Hume Avenue was probably named after Walter R Hume, an inventor turned entrepreneur who founded Hume Pipe Company (Australia). Today, only the old Ford Motor factory still remains as other factories made way for new private residential developments.

The KTM Malayan Railway used to operate passenger and freight services that ply through Hillview, from Malaysia in the north to Tanjong Pagar station in the south. Of significance are two railway truss bridges spanning across the undulating terrain near Hillview. Under a bilateral agreement signed between Singapore and Malaysia on 24 May 2010, the railway land has been handed back to Singapore. There are now plans to redevelop the railway land running along Hillview into a Rail Corridor.[1] Ideas include preserving it as a green corridor, a cyclist highway with direct access into the central business district, gardens and community spaces.