What is a e-Notice of Transfer? In an nutshell, its to inform IRAS that there’s a change of ownership.

Its IRAS’s digital way of keeping track who owns the property now.

IRAS e Notice of transfer is an online service for law firms to notify IRAS within one month of the sale or transfer if a property is sold or transferred.However, if the property is a HDB flat, the IRAS does not need to be told of the transfer as HDB will notify IRAS of any resale of flats.

Buyers may wish to check back with their law firm if they receives property tax invoice from IRAS, but calculated at a non owner occupied rate where he/she is actually using the property for own stay.

This may be a sign where law firms may have mistakenly indicated the property was going to be rented out while its not, or it may be the buyer had a change of mind and decides to stay in the unit instead.