Main Glossary

Foundation Works (地基工程)

It means that part of a construction immediately below the footings of a building, which is in direct contact with, and through which the weight of a building is transmitted to, the ground, and includes piling works Source: Mortgage Super Mart

Legal Requsition (产业调查书)

Legal Requisition is needed when the Property is sold subject to the Purchaser’s solicitors receiving satisfactory replies to all requisitions sent by them to the various Government Departments; drainage plan and road interpretation plan. If any of the reply or replies or plans are unsatisfactory, then the Option to Purchase may be rescinded at the …

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Lift Upgrading Programme / LUP (建屋与发展局的 ’电梯翻新计划’)

HDB blocks built before 1990 were not provided with complete lift access, however, under the Lift Upgrading Programme now, older HDB blocks are upgraded to provide direct lift access through the upgrading of existing lifts. New lift shafts and lifts will be provided where technically and economically feasible. Source: HDB

Mukim (马来文 – 指市外分区)

马来文 – 指市外分区 Every land parcel in Singapore is uniquely identified by a lot number. This identifier has two components, namely the survey districts Mukim (MK) or Town Subdivision (TS) number and the lot number. Source: OneMap

Maintenance Fees (每月的保养费 / 杂费)

Maintenance and service charges vary with the residential development. Part of the monthly maintenance contribution will be allocated to a sinking fund, which are funds set aside for periodic repainting, replacement of electrical and mechanical installations and other major repairs and improvements to the development. Source: Value Champion