Buyer Stamp Duty / BSD (买家印花税)


BSD is payable on all property you buy in Singapore. The amount of BSD to be paid is based on:

  • The purchase price of the property, as stated in the signed sale and purchase agreement; or
  • The market value of the property, as obtained from valuation reports of the property;

whichever is the higher of the two.

How to calculate Buyer’s Stamp Duty

The current BSD rates are:

Purchase price or market value of property BSD rate
First $180,000 1%
Next $180,000 2%
Next $640,000 3%
Remaining amount 4%

For example, if the purchase price of a property is $600,000, the BSD payable will be:

 (1% x $180,000) + (2% x $180,000) + (3% x (600,000 – 180,000 – 180,000)) = $12,600.

Here’s a shortcut – if the property is being sold for or is valued below $1 million, you can use this formula to calculate the BSD instead:

(3% x purchase price or market value) – $5,400

You will arrive at the same result.