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What is a defect?

A defect is any fault in the unit, housing project and common property or limited common property which is due either to defective workmanship or materials or to the unit not having been constructed according to the Specifications in the S&P.

For units in a strata subdivided housing project, the term “defect” in the S&P also covers defects in the common property and housing project.

BCA regulates construction works to ensure compliance with the requirements under the Building Control Act and Regulations, which focuses primarily on the structural safety of buildings. BCA issues a TOP for a project after all the relevant requirements under the Building Control Act and Regulations are met and clearances from the relevant technical authorities are obtained.

However, defects in the unit and the housing project are not regulated. Instead, they are contractual matters under the terms of the S&P. You should make a thorough inspection of the unit upon taking vacant possession and highlight any defects to the developer. Do clarify with the developer or seek professional advice if you are unsure whether there are defects in the unit.

You may also refer to BCA’s guide on good practices for quality workmanship.



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