Advance Medical Directive

What is it about?


An Advance Medical Directive (AMD) is a legal document that you sign in advance to inform the doctor treating you (in the event you become terminally ill and unconscious) that you do not want any extraordinary life-sustaining treatment to be used to prolong your life.

Making an AMD is a voluntary decision. It is entirely up to you whether you wish to make one. In fact, it is a criminal offence for any person to force you to make one against your will.

Who can make an AMD?

Anyone who is aged 21 years old and above, and is not mentally disordered can make an AMD.


Download AMD form.

The forms are available from medical clinics, polyclinics and hospitals. You may also ask your doctor for the form if you have decided to make an AMD. Alternatively, you can also download the AMD form online (print both sheets on a single sheet of paper front and back).

Speak to your doctor.

The AMD must be made through a doctor (you do not need either a lawyer or legal advice to make an AMD). The doctor has the responsibility to ensure that:

1. You are not being forced into making the AMD.
2. You are not mentally disordered.
3. You understand the nature and implications of making an AMD.

You need to have two people witness you sign the AMD and they must sign the form as witnesses in your presence. One witness must be the doctor. The second witness must be 21 years or above and can be the doctor’s nurse, or any other suitable person.
If the witnesses are relatives, so long as they have no vested interests in your demise, they would be allowed to act as witness.
A doctor who for any reason objects to the AMD and registers his objection with the Registrar can refuse to witness the signing of an AMD. You can then approach another doctor to witness your AMD.

Mail out the form.

The completed form should be sent in a sealed envelope by mail or by hand to the:

Registrar of Advance Medical Directives

Ministry of Health, Singapore

College of Medicine Building

16 College Road, Singapore 169854

Your AMD is only valid when it is registered with the Registrar of Advance Medical Directives. The Registrar will send you an acknowledgement when the directive has been registered.