Make a power of attorney

All about POA

What's a POA?

A power of attorney is a deed by which one person empowers another to represent him and act on his behalf for certain purposes.
One would appoint a relative or friend to be his attorney when he has to be outstationed for sometime but has matters to be handled locally while he is away like signing documents and managing his property.

The person who appoints the attorney is called the ‘donor’ and the representative appointed is called the ‘donee’.
A person can appoint an attorney for the following purposes:

  • To rent, buy or sell his property.
  • To manage and collect rents for his property while he is away.
  • To buy and sell his possessions like laptop, car etc.
  • To buy and sell shares

The following powers cannot be delegated to an attorney:

  • Giving a guarantee.
  • Sitting for an exam.
  • Execution of will.
  • Swearing and affirming an affidavit or statutory declaration

How to make a POA?

When contacting your law firm, be sure to let them know the purpose of the POA.

  • Purchase or Sale or other matters regarding the property ie refinancing, application of CPF etc.
  • Where will the POA be signed? overseas or locally because the sign off has to include the place of signing.
  • Who are the appointed Attorney? If there are more then 2, are they able to sign singly or jointly? 

Registering your POA

Where and how to register my POA?

A power of attorney has to be created in a written document and the powers to be delegated have to be specifically and clearly set out in the document.
It must be contained in a deed executed under seal and witnessed by an advocate and, solicitor of Singapore.


After execution, the law firm will deposited the power of attorney in the Supreme Court of Singapore registry whereby a registration number will be given. An example would be Power of Attorney dated 31/12/2022 and registered as No. 3456 of 2022

Revoking my POA.

Procedure to revoke POA

The donor has to give requisite notice to the attorney if he wishes to terminate and revoke the power of attorney before the stipulated time is up. The power attorney may also be revoked by a Deed of Revocation lodged in the Supreme Court. The death, insanity or other incapacity of the donor also amounts automatic revocation of the power of attorney.
Any act carried out by the attorney pursuant to the power of attorney between the time of revocation and receipt of notice of revocation is still considered and effective.