Am I eligible to buy?


A date will be fixed for the HDB Branch to inspect the resale flat.  The sellers will be informed of the inspection date in HDB’s notification of the acceptance of the resale application.  HDB’s approval of the resale will be withheld if the flat is not inspected by the HDB Branch.

The purpose of the inspection by the HDB Branch is to check for unauthorised renovation works in the resale flat which may damage the common property or other flats in the building and affect the structural stability of the building.  The inspection is not to ascertain the value of the resale flat, the condition and safety of the renovation works or whether the renovation works comply with the requirements imposed by other competent authorities.

The sellers must regularise/remove any unauthorised renovation works found in the resale flat before completion of the resale transaction.

Buyers are purchasing the flat on a caveat emptor basis.  This means that it is the responsibility of the buyers to check the condition of the resale flat and verify that all renovation works carried out by the sellers are authorised and comply with the requirements imposed by HDB or other competent authorities.

The buyers will also be responsible for any irregularity, including any unauthorised renovation works carried out by the sellers in the resale flat, which may subsequently be discovered.

The buyers are advised to engage a Qualified Person (e.g. Building Surveyor), at their own expense, to help them in the checking.