Getting HDB Resale approval


HDB may grant approval for the resale after:-

(a)       Verifying the information provided by the sellers and buyers,

(b)       Their endorsement of the required documents,

(c)       The receipt of the necessary payments; and

(d)       The performance of the buyer as may be specified by HDB.

The approval letter will be posted in the HDB Resale Portal; buyers will be notified via SMS/email.

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You will receive the resale approval letter within 4 weeks after HDB’s acceptance of the resale application. We will notify you via SMS and email.

As there are additional checks involved in the processing of CPF Housing Grants, the grant approval may be issued with or after the resale approval

HDB will send an SMS and email to inform the sellers and buyers once the resale application is approved. The approval letter will also be available on the HDB Resale Portal.