Buying an HDB Resale Flat

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Conditions for Resale Flats

You can buy a resale flat as long as there is at least 1 Singapore Citizen or 2 Singapore Permanent Residents (PR) to form an eligible family unit in the application. Read more about the other eligibility conditions.


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You need to bring:

1. NRIC(s).

2. Chequebook.

3. Signed offer letter (if applicable).

4. CPF statement (if applicable).

5. Marriage cert (if you are married) /Birth Cert (if parents and child purchase)


How much Stamp duty
do I need to pay?

There will be no receipt,
instead a ‘stamp certificate’
will be issued.


Building of wiring, piping, windows and door.


Law firm will exercise the S&P

for you by sending it to the

developer solicitor.


What are Progressive Payments?


15% due on the 8th week

can be paid using cash

and/or CPF.


Register as Buyers

Upon registering your Intent to Buy, you will know whether you can:

  • Buy a HDB resale flat
  • Apply for which housing grants
  • Apply for HDB housing loan (if you intend to loan from HDB)

Do note that your Intent to Buy is valid for 12 months and you need to reapply if no resale application is submitted.

Evaluate Suitable Flat Options

When evaluating options,

Get Option to Purchase (OTP)

To enter into a OTP contract, you would be required to go through the following steps after agreeing on the selling price with the seller.

  1. Seller grants OTP to you with the agreed amount of Option Fee (between $1 to $1,000)
  2. Review purchase during Option Period of 14 days
  3. Exercise OTP to proceed with the purchase

You can also choose to let the OTP expire if you decide not to purchase.

Choose Mode of Financing

After registering your Intent to Buy, you will be guided to apply for an HDB Loan Eligibility (HLE) letter, if you are eligible and intend to get a housing loan from HDB.


You can also get a housing loan from a financial institution (FI).

Submit Resale Application

You and the seller (or the salesperson) can proceed to submit the resale application after you have exercised the Option to Purchase (OTP).

Note that either you or the seller can be the first to submit, but the other party must submit their portion within 7 calendar days.

Acknowledge Resale Documents

You will be invited by HDB to endorse resale documents and pay the resale fees online before approving the transaction.

Engage a law firm

You need to engage a law firm if you are using a private bank loan.


The lawyer will request for documents such as OTP, Signed bank letter of offer, CPF dashboard page and your NRICs image etc. 


Once HDB gives the approval, the law firm will invite you down to sign the documents ie the CPF application forms, mortgage documents, stamp duty declaration form etc.



Check Resale Application Status

It could take about 8 weeks from HDB’s acknowledgement of the resale application to the final step of completing the resale transaction.

Check your resale application status or get notified via SMS once HDB approves.

Complete Resale Transaction

Once HDB has scheduled your appointment, you will also receive SMS notification on your appointment with HDB.

This is the only resale appointment at HDB you and the seller need to attend. At this appointment, you (and the seller) will:

  • Sign the mortgage document/ agreement (if you are taking an HDB housing loan)
  • Acknowledge the receipt of the keys to the flat
  • Agree on the payment arrangement of the outstanding property tax with the seller
  • Indicate how you will pay the first month service/ conservancy charges

You will become the flat owner upon the resale completion and need to pay for various payments such as housing loan, monthly service/ conservancy charges, annual property tax, etc.

See also: Financial Obligations as HDB owner