Buying an HDB Resale Flat

Eligibility Criteria

Check Your Eligibility to Sell

In order to be eligible to sell your HDB Flat, you must first fulfil some conditions:

1) Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) of 5 years:

  • Log in to My HDBPage (Singpass required) and check if you have completed the MOP

2) Ownership of only 1 HDB Flat:

  • You can only own one HDB flat at a time and will need to sell your current flat before buying another HDB flat.

Note: If you are selling your old home before buying the new one, work out your moving plans and decide if you need temporary extension of stay.

To see what other eligibility conditions you will need to satisfy, click here.

Budgeting for Your Next Home

Estimate Sales Proceeds

Your sales proceeds should be first used to:

See also: HDB Sales Proceeds Calculator

Financing Your Next Home

Based on the estimated sales proceeds, you can work out your budget for your next home.

Estimate how much CPF you can use to buy your next home so you do not use up your CPF savings for your home.

Sale Process and Timeline


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All about OTP
Seller have to plan

their  next housing

arrangement and work

out the estimated sale

proceed of their

current flat and a

financial plan if they

are buying another

HDB flat (new/resale/DBSS).


Buyer will apply for the valuation the next day after receiving the OTP


Submitting a resale application.

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HDB will SMS to

inform you that resale

application have

been approved.

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You are required to endorse the documents through the HDB Resale Portal and pay the necessary fees online. An in-principle approval for the resale application will be granted once the documents are endorsed and necessary fees paid. An appointment will then be scheduled for buyers and sellers to attend to complete the resale transaction.

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HDB will SMS to

inform you that resale

application have been


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Steps involved

Register Your Intent to Sell

To sell your flat, you must first register your Intent to Sell.

Upon registering, HDB will instantaneously confirm your eligibility to sell and provide you with the following information:

  • Ethnic Integration Policy (EIP) / Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) Quota for the flat
  • Status of upgrading, Billing status of upgrading costs
  • Recent transacted prices of flats nearby

Decide Selling Price

Consider the costs & fees involved (e.g. resale levy, stamp duty, property tax) when deciding your selling price.

Use this online Stamp Duty Calculator from the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore website to calculate the stamp duty payable for your flat.

Grant Option to Purchase (OTP) to Buyer

To enter into an OTP contract, you need to:

  1. Negotiate and agree on selling price
  2. You grant the OTP to Buyer via HDB Resale Portal and indicate the agreed Option Fee (between $1 and $1000).
  3. Buyers to exercise OTP to proceed with the purchase or they can let the OTP expire after 21 calendar days should they decide not proceed with the purchase.
  4. Decide when to submit resale application
Submit Resale Application

You will require these documents on hand:

  • Option-To-Purchase (OTP) contract details
  • Seller Particulars
  • Buyer Particulars
  • Existing loans with HDB / Financial Institutions
  • Declarations of Purchase

Either you or the buyer can be the first to submit, but the other party must submit within 7 calendar days. Seek your buyer’s agreement and indicate your request for temporary extension of stay when you submit your resale application.

Endorse Resale Documents and Pay Fees Online

You will need to endorse the documents and pay necessary fees online before your resale application can be approved.

You can check your resale application status or get notified via SMS once HDB uploads the approval letter on the resale portal.

Before Resale Completion Appointment

You will need to rectify any unauthorised renovation works and vacate the flat before the Resale Appointment so that the buyer can take possession of the resale flat after.

Apply for Temporary Extension of Stay if you are unable to vacate in time.

Note: this step can take about 8 weeks from here to the final step of completing the resale transaction.

Complete Resale Transaction

Once HDB has scheduled your appointment, you will also receive SMS notification on your appointment with HDB.

This is the only resale appointment at HDB you and the seller need to attend.

At this appointment, you (and the seller) will:

  • Sign the sales agreement (if you are taking an HDB housing loan)
  • Hand over the keys to the buyer
  • Agree on the payment arrangement of the outstanding property tax with the buyer