What happens on completion?


A resale transaction takes about 8 weeks (from the date of HDB’s acceptance of the resale application) to complete.  Both the sellers and buyers will be informed of the completion date in the completion letter, and to attend a completion appointment at HDB Hub.

Before completing the resale transaction,

the sellers have to:

  • rectify/remove any unauthorised renovation works in the resale flat and confirm the rectification with the HDB Branch;
  • terminate the GIRO account for all payments pertaining to the resale flat;
  • ensure the property tax and service & conservancy charges are paid up to the effective date of resale;
  • vacate the resale flat to ensure that vacant possession will be given to the buyers on completion; and
  • invite the buyers to inspect the resale flat.

On the day of completion of the resale at the Resale Office, the sellers shall submit the original Option to Purchase to HDB.  The sellers have to produce evidence of payment of service and conservancy charges and property tax.  Both the sellers and buyers will sign the legal instruments for the transfer of ownership, mortgage, the relevant forms and undertakings, and the sellers will hand over the keys of the flat to the buyers.

The net sale proceeds (if any) will be released to the sellers upon completion of the resale, and the CPF refund (if any) will be credited to the seller’s CPF account between 7 to 14 days from the date of completion.

For resale applications where private solicitors are acting for the seller, the solicitors will arrange for the resale completion and handover of keys at their own convenience and to inform HDB once the resale has been completed.

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On the day of resale completion:


  • The sellers will execute transfer documents
  • The sellers will handover keys to the buyers
  • The sellers will collect net sale proceeds (if any)


  • The buyers will execute mortgage documents (if applicable)
  • The buyers will receive a confirmation letter to apply for electricity and water supply and renovation permit.

More information on Completion Appointment.

Both buyer and seller must write in to HDB and give their consent to change the resale completion date. The appointment date will then be rescheduled to another date/time at HDB’s discretio

You are required:

  • To rectify any unauthorised renovation works in the resale flat and inform the HDB Branch to confirm the rectification.
  • To terminate the GIRO Account for all payments relating to the resale flat, such as telephone bill and utilities bill. The GIRO arrangement for your property tax will be terminated after the IRAS has been notified by HDB regarding your property transfer. You need not terminate the GIRO arrangement separately.
  • NOT to pay the monthly instalment towards your HDB housing loan of the resale flat. The sale proceeds will be deducted to redeem the housing loan.
  • To pay the service and conservancy charges up to the effective date of resale as well as pay property tax for the full year.
  • To vacate the resale flat so that the buyer can take possession.
  • To invite the buyer to inspect the resale flat
  • To ensure that the keys of the resale flat are available for handover
  • To ensure that on the day of handover of keys to the buyer, produce official receipts for full payments of:
    • To settle the full year payment of property tax at least one week before the completion date. For any payment made within the last week, please bring your receipt.
Please see Resale Completion for more information.

The main legal fees you need to pay are:

  1. Conveyancing Fee for Transfer (based on Selling Price)
  2. Conveyancing Fee (based on Flat Type) for Total Discharge of Mortgage (if there is any outstanding loan at time of resale)
  3. Fee for Bankruptcy Search on Sellers
  4. Stamp Fee for Total Discharge of Mortgage (if there is any outstanding loan at time of resale)

Use our e-Service Legal Fees Enquiry to find out the amount of legal fees payable. All fees must be paid in cash or Cashier’s Order.

You will have to bring along the following documents:

  • Identity Card and Entry Permit (for Singapore Permanent Residents)
  • Keys to the resale flat
  • Latest receipt / letter of confirmation from the Town Council on Service/Conservancy Charges payment

More information on Completion Appointment.

Under the new changes in CPF, Your CPF money will be refunded to your CPF account within 3 weeks from completion of the resale transaction.