Resale application received.


Sellers must provide the information and documents to process the resale application in the HDB Resale Portal/e-Resale System/Estate Agent Toolkit, and submit them in the manner and within the timeframe as required by HDB.

The acceptance of the resale application is subject to:-

(a)       The sellers must satisfy the approved ethnic ratios and limits set for the Neighbourhood and Block under the Ethnic Integration Policy and the Singapore Permanent Resident Quota policy as at the date of submission of the resale application.

(b)       HDB’s receipt and verification of the information (including consistency with any information provided by the sellers at the Intent to Sell and documents submitted by the sellers that are required by HDB to process the resale application.

HDB will notify the sellers of the acceptance of the resale application via SMS/email, and post the application progress update in the HDB Resale Portal.