Inside A Brutalist Showroom You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

This week Reuben and Aiken tour a very different spot from everywhere else they’ve been so far. Located in Jurong, or more specifically, 15 Kian Teck Cres, it’s in an area that you wouldn’t usually associate with such a beautiful raw design (no disrespect to everyone else in the area!).

It’s fashioned as a gallery-like space, but the real intention of it is a multi-label kitchen appliances shop. The unassuming area it’s located in probably adds to its charm, as most people visiting for the first time would probably be surprised to see such a raw yet refined look here.

Because the title of the project was named “A Brick and Mortar Shop”, cement bricks were primarily used as the main material of the space. Besides that, other materials like hollow bricks, unadorned plywood and off-cut stones were also used to further complement the look of the space.

The design of the space has even won the Design of the Year award.

Special thanks to Shing Hui, the founding director & Design Principal of L Architects for showing us around the space.

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Credits to Finbarr Fallon & Jovian Lim for the photos

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