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Normanton Park
Normanton Park

Normanton Park – Greenery within and around

Occupying a huge residential site of approximately 63,593.7sqm, this newly launched development is set to provide both high-rise and landed living for the residential side and commercial units that consist of shops and a dining restaurant.

Located in the Central Region of Singapore within Queenstown region, Normanton Park is covered by lush shrubbery and water bodies. A generous portion of about at least 60% of Normanton Park’s site area has been set and built into common area for the residents. Beautiful lawns and pools within the development created a seamless merger with the nearby green corridors and a tranquil lake right outside the development.

Inspired by the forestique surrounding of the site, the façade of the residential blocks is built with materials that symbolized raising trees from the green ground. The additional features such as the Beacon is a lighted crown on the top of each magnificent residential block and the Portal, at the ground level acts as a patio/ balcony overlooking the water bodies and landscaping.

There are over 100 lifestyle facilities such as the Amazon Valley, Zen Garden, Dining by The Woods, or at the Botanical Outdoor Fitness to provide a 365 days’ getaway for all residents.


Maximum Possible Views for All Residents

A total of 9 residential tower blocks will be built with all blocks elevated to about 19 metres above the ground level. With a good mixture of different unit type choices (1-Bedroom to 5-Bedroom) in all blocks, most residents can enjoy expansive views of the city, lush greenery surroundings or Southern Islands.

A good distance of approximately 77m – 105m from AYE to the nearest terrace houses and the residential blocks have been set and enhanced with acoustic ceiling and window/door restrictors for these houses and block nearer to AYE.

Units facing the Northern direction will be looking towards the Science Park, One North, Botanic Garden areas. On the opposite Southern direction, there will be lots of greenery from Kent Ridge Park, Hortpark, Telok Blangah Hill Park, and the low rise residential along Pasir Panjang. Further up south, residents will be looking towards the future Great Southern Waterfront and the Sentosa.


Key Business and Employment Nodes

This is a unique site located right next to Kent Ridge Hill Park whereby it is flanked by extensive greeneries and water bodies. Normanton Park is also surrounded by many major key growth businesses and employment nodes such as One-North Business Park, International Business Park, Singapore Science Park I & II, and Mapletree Business City. Not forgetting, Normanton Park is situated right in between the Central Business District (CBD) and Jurong Lake District (Future 2nd CBD of Singapore) where major businesses and employments are taking place.


Future Potential Growths and Plans

The most highly anticipated plan under Singapore Master Plan, the upcoming Greater Southern Waterfront is located right at the southern portion of the site from Pasir Panjang to Marina East. It is envisioned as the Waterfront City of the future which is about 2000ha in size and equivalent to about 6 times the size Marina Bay. This will comprise prime waterfront land with exuberant business and lifestyle opportunities. Improved accessibility plans have been made to cater for the future huge influx of crowds and new roads will be created to connect traffic from Portsdown Road to South Buona Vista Road. This will bring more convenience from Science Park to Greater Southern Waterfront especially with more incoming crowds in the future.

Moving forward, there will also be bigger future plans within One-North which currently houses about 400 leading companies and global institutions that will be evolving too. Future plans such as integrating One-North with the National University of Singapore (NUS) to improve linkages with the industry and expanding its role beyond teaching and research. An extensive green corridor at the Southern Ridges is formed starting from Mount Faber Park linking up Telok Blangah Hill Park and Hortpark to Kent Ridge Park as part of the green connectivity. By 2021, a 24km Rail Corridor that connects the North and South of Singapore will link up Future Woodlands North Coast and Greater Southern Waterfront areas via this trans-island green artery.


Normanton Park – Location Map

Normanton Park – Location Map

Normanton Park – Siteplan

Normanton Park – Site Plan
Normanton Park – Facilities

Details of Normanton Park Condo

Project NameNormanton Park
DeveloperNormanton Park – Site Plan
Address1 – 63 Normanton Park
Site AreaApproximately 684,523 sq ft.
No Of Units1,862 Residential units
(1,840 flats & 22 Strata Terraces)
7 Shops
1 Restaurant
No Of Block9 Block of 24 Storeys Residential Flats
22 Units of 2 Storey Strata Terrace
Unit Types1 Bedroom : 484 – 657 sq ft
1 Bedroom with Study: 560 – 700 sq ft
2 Bedroom Compact : 635 – 797 sq ft
2 Bedroom Premium : 657 – 893 sq ft
2 Bedroom with Study: 829 – 980 sq ft
3 Bedroom Compact : 904 – 1,109 sq ft
3 Bedroom Premium : 1,066 – 1,249 sq ft
4 Bedroom Compact with Study : 1,195 – 1,346 sq ft
4 Bedroom Premium : 1,313 – 1,496 sq ft
5 Bedroom : 1,615 – 1,798 sq ft
Villa Collection (Terrace House): 2,110 sq ft
Expected TOPJune 2023


Normanton Park – Floor Plans

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