Overloaded with Festive Orders? How to Save Time & Money on Your Deliveries for a Chill Christmas

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This season, we’re gonna celebrate in style. After two years of Covid-19 restrictions, we’re finally going to enjoy a normal Christmas without limits on group gatherings…even better, because celebrations and events are also back in full swing — which means, it’s time to party!

In the lead-up to the festivities, you might have already started shopping during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, and are now looking to step into your role as the new Santa Claus by sending your purchases as presents islandwide to friends and family.

For businesses, the Yuletide shopping period is one of the most important times of year. It’s really encouraging to see your order volume picking up, and your customer base could be expanding real quickly. This translates to growth for your business revenue!

In these exciting yet busy times, especially for small businesses, it’s also pertinent to impress your customers (both regulars and new ones) with your quality products. It’s a two-pronged approach though, for you also need timely deliveries to secure repeat business with them.

Yup, Christmas doesn’t need to drive you nuts (even though we love chestnuts roasting by the fire).

It’s possible to still free up your time and become more efficient during this Christmas crunch. One fuss-free way is to outsource your deliveries (whether business or personal) to a reliable delivery partner that has a fleet of large 4-wheel vehicles to handle your volume, real-time GPS tracking for your peace of mind, multi-stop delivery to save you cost, and even a route-optimisation function for quicker deliveries.

Join hands with Lalamove this festive season

Do you need to make more deliveries this month than ever before? Never fear, for there is a specialist who can make your Christmas a little merrier by being the right delivery partner for you this festive season.

Lalamove has a large fleet and a wide variety of vehicles on hand which are offered at competitive, value-for-money prices. Depending on your needs, you can choose between motorbike, couriers, cars, MPVs, vans and lorries, all of which are piloted by professional driver partners.

Lalamove can help you with big and bulky items, delicate/fresh gifts and more, including flowers, and food. You can also use them for personal deliveries no matter how urgent, from parcels and documents to furniture and white goods. There’s almost nothing these guys can’t deliver!

If your business organises events or deals with props or catering, Lalamove can ferry all your equipment from your premises or supplier to the event venue, at your convenience. Remember, you can place advance orders for deliveries of any size, or enjoy a same-day service for sudden orders.

For individuals who are just trying to get some last minute Christmas gift-giving done in peace, Lalamove can even help you with your personal shopping and gift deliveries. This is particularly useful if you have a large family or circle of friends and don’t have the time to visit every single one of them with your gifts.

And yes, Lalamove’s services include same day on-demand delivery for urgent or unexpected orders, which is essential for the unpredictable and chaotic lead-up to Christmas.

Psst… Take advantage of Lalamove’s Christmas special offer at the end of this article to get a discount while making your loved ones very happy!

Well-equipped for your every need

As you can see, Lalamove can be an enormous help during the festive season. They’re in a great position to take care of your business or personal deliveries. Here are some situations where Lalamove can definitely help you if you’re in a jam:

You’re an event planner who needs to be on top of things, all the time, to ensure your clients stay calm and happy on their important day. Lalamove’s real-time GPS tracking allows you to monitor the progress of your crucial deliveries, and you’ll always know where the items are at any given time. An e-signature feature also ups your digital game and gives you peace of mind for your deliveries. 

Better yet, if you’re transporting fresh produce, Lalamove’s refrigeration and route optimisation ensures that not only is the cold chain maintained, the goods can spend minimal time being transported. By the way, Lalamove’s fleet includes large 4-wheel vehicles, including cars, MPVs, 1.7m vans, 2.4m vans, 10ft lorries and 14ft lorries so you can pick a vehicle that’s perfectly suited to the size and volume of your items.

You can also save costs as Lalamove’s multi-stop delivery feature consolidates multiple drop-offs into one  route,so you don’t need to arrange individual deliveries. For example, you can arrange for several packages to be picked up from your home/office in one go and then delivered to various different addresses all in one single trip.

Then there are the added benefits of having monthly statements and account management (corporate accounts available), which saves you paperwork and admin. Find out more about Lalamove’s features here.

Lalamove’s special promo for Christmas

From 12 to 23 December 2022, Lalamove is running a special festive promotion. Get up to 50% off deliveries with the coupon code LAHOHOHO.

Christmas season just got a little less hectic thanks to Lalamove! Download the Lalamove app on the App Store or Google Play or create an account via Lalamove’s website to enjoy 24/7 on demand delivery.

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The post Overloaded with Festive Orders? How to Save Time & Money on Your Deliveries for a Chill Christmas appeared first on MoneySmart.sg.

Original article: Overloaded with Festive Orders? How to Save Time & Money on Your Deliveries for a Chill Christmas.

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