Say heya to More! Best Value No Contract SIM-Only Plan at $10 for 100GB/Month? Sign Us Up!

Data is a necessity nowadays — we use it for communication (WhatsApp, Telegram, video calls, spamming friends with pics, sharing your location…), social media, video streaming while commuting and so on.

Everyone in Singapore, from great grandparents to primary school kids, seems to have a mobile phone. And with the rising cost of living and inflation, we obviously want the best value deal out there.

Introducing heya — say “heya” to the friendliest, best value mobile plan in town!


Say ‘heya’ to the friendliest mobile plan in town

Here’s a brand new SIM-Only plan, heya. As part of its launch offer, heya is offering 100GB of data for just $10/month!

This ultra value-for-money offer is a godsend for those who stream lots of videos on the go or don’t have a broadband connection at home and don’t want to fret about exceeding data limits.

The heya plan is a no-contract, SIM-only 4G plan that costs just $10 and comes with the following goodies:

100GB per month
300 local minutes talktime
50 local SMSes
free caller ID

Yet heya’s great value doesn’t just come from only the large amount of data and wallet-friendly price. Here are some other heya features to love:


Data rollover

If you didn’t manage to use up your data this month — no worries, you can rollover your data! Data rolled over will be added to the following month’s 100GB, so you can actually have up to 200GB of data in a month if you keep finding yourself having leftover data each month.

Here’s a simple illustration of how you can “save” your data and roll it over:

Images via heya mobile’s Facebook

It’s great, really. Remember those months where you got so busy you didn’t fully utilise your data? And then the following month you exceeded it because Season 2 of your favourite Netflix or Viu show came out? Argh. Well, with this rollover feature, you’ll feel less “rugi” (losing out) as your untouched data is not wasted. Yay!


Strong connection, even when in the MRT

heya is supported by Singtel, which is said to have one of the strongest networks in Singapore…yes, even while underground, in an MRT tunnel.

Having a strong connection underground is really important. For one thing, it’s precisely on interminable MRT rides when you need to kill time by watching videos, surfing the internet or chatting with friends. Furthermore, in the case of an MRT breakdown (touchwood!), a fast internet connection is your ticket out of there as you’ll need to contact someone to come get you or check alternative transport routes.

Here’s what we’ve heard from some heya users:

“Every month I only pay $10 for 100GB. In the MRT and underground, my video doesn’t lag and the speed is very fast.”
“I like heya because it’s only $10 for 100GB and it has free data rollover. Speed is quite fast. The network underground is stable too.”


Easy to sign up and top up

Signing up for a heya plan is easy! Just head to any heya authorised retailer. You can also top up your plan at heya authorised retailers or online.

Here’s a list of heya authorised retailers. heya also has an official store on Shopee and you can also top up on Lazada, for those who prefer online top-ups.

Having both online and offline channels makes heya easy to navigate for users who want the convenience of being able to do everything from home, as well as older users who may prefer to make top-ups in person. Say “heya” to more, everyone!


Even better with the heya app

There’s even a heya mobile app that makes it easy to manage your account on the go. Using the app, you can check your account balance, monitor your usage and top up your heya plan with wallet credits.

You can replenish your wallet credits through heya retailers and top up 3 to 6 months worth of wallet credits at one go; so you can top up $10 100GB heya plan anytime from your wallet credits.

Download the heya app on the Google Playstore and Apple App store.

heya, the latest no-contract SIM-only plan offers a great way to get affordable data while enjoying maximum freedom. At just $10 for 100GB, heya offers excellent value for money, with a large amount of data at a low price.

Ready to say “heya” to more? Find out more at heya’s official website.

This post was written in collaboration with heya by Singtel. While we are financially compensated by them, we nonetheless strive to maintain our editorial integrity and review products with the same objective lens. We are committed to providing the best information in order for you to make personal financial decisions with confidence. You can view our Editorial Guidelines here.

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