The Different Type of Govt Agencies and What Do They Do

Who, What, Why?

In today’s article, we take a look at some of the departments in various governing agency and what do they do in general.


Issuing Authority  Main Authority& Name of License (if any) Purpose of their authority 
Controller of Residential Property Singapore Land Authority (SLA) Approval for purchase of Land (SC, SPR or Foreigner)• Land Dealings Approval Unit (LDAU).

Singapore Company need to obtain Clearance Certificate in order to purchase restricted property in Singapore.

Land Dealings Approval Unit (LDAU) Singapore Land Authority (SLA) Approval for purchase of Non-Commercial Shop houses by foreigner• Applies to ‘Residential with Commercial at 1st storey’ zoned land.

(Also applies to SPR & Foreign entity as well).

Residential Property Act Singapore Land Authority (SLA) Restriction of Ownership of Land by SPR’s, Foreigners and/or Foreign Entities• Issues Licenses to developers of residential properties.
Housing and Development Act Housing and Development Board(HDB) Foreigners not allowed to purchase following Properties• HDB Flat

• Executive Condominium (EC)

• HDB Shop house

Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) Commissioner of Building ControlØ Building and Construction

Authority of Singapore (BCA)

Approval when building works are completed and owners are able to collect keys and move Certificate of Statutory Completion into their units
Certificate of Statutory Completion into their units (CSC)
Hotels Act Hotels Licensing Board (HLB) Approval for Foreigner to purchase Hotels in Singapore
Housing Developers (Control andLicensing) Act (HDCLA) Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) Regulates the development and sale ofuncompleted private residential

properties in Singapore

Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) Ministry of National Development(MND) Singapore’s national land use planning authority
Singapore Land Authority (SLA) Assists Government in managing its land and sales system• Responsible for issuance of Land Titles and the lease administration for sites sold (State Land)
Chief Valuer Singapore Land Authority (SLA) Expert surveyor who instructs clients on valuations of properties including houses, factories and shops
Share Value (SV) Issued by Commissioner of Buildings (CB)• Under Building and Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA) Assigns the Share value of each unit (SSCT) in a strata property according to the Strata Area
Management Corporation (MC) Building and Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA) Compulsory to form for all Strata Properties• To upkeep common areas, facilities and compound of strata


Certificate of Title (CT) Singapore Land Authority (SLA) Issued by Registrar of Titles
Subsidiary Strata Certificate of Title(SSCT) Singapore Land Authority (SLA) Issued when strata units are completed up to roof level and strata subdivision approval / planning permission has been granted by Chief Planner (URA)
Parks and Trees Act National Parks Board (NPB)• NParks Issued by Commissioner of Parks & Recreation
Land Acquisition Act Singapore Land Authority (SLA) The Land Acquisition Ordinance of 1920 was repealed by the LandAcquisition Act in 1966 so as to give the government the power of compulsory land acquisition for public development. The act also regulated the amount of compensation to be given to landowners who had their

properties acquired by the government

Land Titles Act Singapore Land Authority (SLA) Act which makes provision for the registration of titles to land
Land Titles Registry Singapore Land Authority (SLA) Department in SLA where Titles of fully-paid houses/units are kept• Takes care of ALL Land Registries
Appeals Board Ministry of Law (MinLaw) Appeals for unsatisfactory ofcompensation amount for Land

Acquisition Act by Chief Valuer (SLA) under Land Acquisition Act

Sale of Commercial Properties Act Singapore Land Authority (SLA) Issues Licenses to developers ofnon-residential properties
Office of Public Guardian (OPG) Ministry of Social and FamilyDevelopment (MSF) Governing body responsible for the administration of the Mental Capacity Act
Administration of Muslim Law Act Syariah Court Muslim intestate law (faraid)• Faraid applies to the estate of the Deceased

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