The Ultimate Price Guide to Durian Delivery in Singapore 2023

The durian ban on public transport makes life difficult for those who want to eat durians at home but don’t have a car.

Luckily, ordering durians online is now commonplace. As a bonus, this also means you don’t have to waste time bargaining or worrying about getting ripped off.

The world of durian sales is an extremely dynamic one, with prices and varieties changing from day to day depending on demand, supply, and season. Many sellers also sell only until their stock is exhausted for the day. So, it’s a good idea to check the seller’s Facebook page, if any, for live updates.

Durian season is typically from June to August, so you have a few months to eat your fill.

While we can’t list all the durian places out there, we’ve rounded up some popular places that provide delivery. Read on for some durian places to order from.


15 durian delivery services in Singapore that will satisfy your durian cravings

Durian delivery service
Delivery fee
Min. order for free delivery
Delivery hours

99 Old Trees
> $150
7pm to 9:30pm

Durian Empire
Varies depending on durian
Varies depending on durian
5:30pm to 11pm

Richstar Durian
5pm to 7pm / 7pm to 10pm

Durian Express Delivery
$9.50 (normal delivery)

$13.50 (express delivery within 1 hour)

11am to 11:59pm

Durian Delivery Singapore
$9.70 (same day)

$13.70 (express)

10am to 11:59pm

The Durian Story

7pm to 10pm

Durian Era
5pm to 10pm

227 Katong Durian
From 2pm

Four Seasons Durians

$30 (same day/urgent)

12pm to 5pm

Top Durian Station
10kg or 5 boxes
3pm to 9pm

Golden Moments

10am to 3pm, 2pm to 6pm

Durian 36
$9.70 (normal delivery)


$13.50 (express delivery)

11am to 12am

Kungfu Durian
$120 ($80 for Woodlands, Yishun, Sembawang)
6pm to 9pm

SLH Fresh Fruits
$4.90 (orders of $25 to $49.99)


$8.90 (orders below $25)

3pm to 8pm

Durian SG Prime
$15 (express delivery in under 60 min)

$7.50 (general delivery within 2 hours)

> $99
11am to 1am


99 Old Trees

This durian shop is so popular that they stay open only until they have exhausted their stock for the day.

To order your durians, you’ll need to pick a delivery date on their website. There’s no minimum order, and you can also choose to collect your order at their shop between 7pm – 9pm.

They’ve got:

Mao Shan Wang
Chilled Fresh Mao Shan Wang
XO D24
Frozen Mao Shan Wang

Prices range from about $36 to $58 for one box containing about 700g of fresh durian flesh. They’ve also got 100% pure MSW and D24 durian pulp for dessert-making.

99 Old Trees is located at 1 Teo Hong Road Singapore 088321. Order here.


Durian Empire

Durian Empire sells their unhusked durians in vacuum-sealed boxes. Last season in February, they were selling Mao Shan Wang durians from Pahang at the price of $32 per box, $89.90 for 3 boxes and $169.90 for 6 boxes. They also sold D24 from Pahang for $22 per box, 3 boxes for $59.90 and 6 boxes for $104.90.

They post daily promos and other durian varieties on Facebook, so checking their page is vital to getting a good price. Prices for the June 2023 season will be released on Facebook in the coming weeks.

The price threshold for free delivery seems to vary from batch to batch, so you need to check with them personally via WhatsApp. However, in general free delivery seems to start from about $60 to $85.

To place an order, click the “Book Now” button on their Facebook page.

Durian Empire is located at 168 Punggol Field Punggol Plaza B1 Atrium Singapore 820168. Visit its website.

Richstar Durian

This very prosperously named durian shop offers fresh, de-husked, premium durians. They also have their very own restaurant where you can eat the durians on the spot.

Their minimum order is $70, and you get free delivery on orders worth $100 and above, otherwise, you pay a fee of $8 to $15. Alternatively, you can opt to pick up your order at their shop between 10am to 10pm. They also offer a one-to-one exchange of bad durians. Place orders (9220 1177) or check the latest discounts and stock updates on their Facebook page.

Their selection includes:

Pahang Raub Highland Black Gold
Pahang Raub Premium Mao San Wang
Jin Feng
Pahang DXO

They charge about $18 to $43 for 400g, or $32 to $178 for 800g. Their cheapest varieties D13 and D24 are currently sold out but check back as new stock gets delivered often.

Richstar Durian is located at 46 Sims Place #01-191 Sims Vista Singapore 380046. Visit its website.


Durian Express Delivery

This online store offers same-day, 60-minute delivery for impromptu durian parties, making it suitable for last-minute planners and kancheong spiders. Prices range from about $16 to $26 per kilo.

The selection includes:

Black Gold
Mao Shan Wang / Musang King
Mao Shan Wang (MSW) Old Tree
Vacuum Frozen Packed Durian
Durian puree

They frequently refresh their stock, so give them a call (8116 8890) if you’re waiting for a particular variety to come in.

Durian Express Delivery is located at 82 Marine Parade Central #01-614 Singapore 440082. Visit its website.


Durian Delivery Singapore

With no minimum order and delivery within 60 minutes from 10am to 11:59pm, this is your go-to durian seller if you are placing a late-night order. They guarantee that they will replace bad durians for free.

Their freshly plucked, de-husked durians include:

Pahang Signature Black Gold
Pahang Old Tree MSW
Mao Shan Wang / Musang King

Their new batch of durians is expected to arrive in June 2023. Current prices range from about $26 to $30 per kilo for different varieties. For budding home chefs, they’ve got durian puree.

While most of the other durian vendors listed in this article are active on Facebook, Durian Delivery Singapore hasn’t updated its Facebook and Instagram pages since November 2022 at the time of writing. You’re probably better off dropping them a message on WhatsApp at 8030 6606 or checking their website for updates.

Durian Delivery Singapore is located at 5 Guillemard Road Singapore 399685 (office space, by appointment only).


The Durian Story

If you find that Durian Story’s website indicates all durians are sold out, it’s best to get in touch with them directly via WhatsApp or phone at 8797 6699. When you contact them, they will let you know what durians are available as well as the earliest delivery slot.

They usually have the following:

Mao Shan Wang
Golden Phoenix
Old Free Mao Shan Wang
Red Prawn
Signature Black Gold

These are currently priced at about $36 to $69 for 800g.

The Durian Story is located at Blk 151 Serangoon North Ave 2 #01-11 Singapore 550151.


Durian Era

This durian seller publishes their current selection on Facebook and accepts orders via WhatsApp or phone at 9743 4444. They adjust their prices depending on demand, so you’ll want to check their page before placing an order.

This season the durians are expected to arrive at about 3pm each day, so you’ll want to check which types are arriving at what time and place your order soon after to avoid disappointment.

Here’s what was available at the time of writing:

Mao Shan Wang MSW Grade A
Mao Shan Wang MSW Grade B

Prices range from about $17 to $27 per kilo.

Durian is located at 183 Toa Payoh Central #01-256 Singapore 310183.


227 Katong Durian

Their minimum order is $30 (excluding delivery fee) and there is also a minimum weight of 2kg per durian type. For same day delivery, you must place your order by 7pm.

Their current range is published on their Facebook page. At the moment, they have the following:

Mao Shan Wang
Red Prawn
D1 (Ganghai)
Kasap Merah (Ice Cream Durian)
Sweet Dream

They are currently priced at $13 to $23 per kg.

227 Katong Durian is located at 227 East Coast Rd Singapore 428924. Visit its website.


Four Seasons Durians

This shop sells durian cakes rather than actual durians, but they’re so good that we decided we had to include them on this list. They sometimes offer same-day delivery on a case-by-case basis. Otherwise, you’ll need to give them at least 2 working days to fulfil your order.

Their classic durian cake can be filled with either premium durian or Mao Shan Wang and costs anywhere from $70 to $528 for a mega 3kg cake for up to 26 people.

Other options include 3D Mao Shan Wang Cake which is shaped to look like an actual durian, Charcoal Rosette Durian Cake, Premium Durian Fudge Cake and Premium Durian Swiss Roll, as well as various pastries and desserts.

Note that Four Seasons Durians isn’t active on their social media pages. You might wish to give them a ring at 6484 1619 if you have any questions on their products.

Four Seasons Durians is located at 1 Senoko Avenue #03-05 Foodaxis@Senoko Singapore 758297. Order here.


Top Durian Station

Top Durian Station sells durians on their website as well as through Whatsapp at 8427 8988. Their minimum order for deliveries through their website is $60. You select a date and time slot on their website, and same-day delivery might be available if you place your order earlier in the day while stock and slots are still available.

The available types and prices change from day to day, so you’ll have to follow their page for updates. They also have last minute promotions at the end of the day so look out for those if you want to get better value for your money.

Currently, they offer the following varieties:

Tai Shang Huang
Black Gold
Mao Shan Wang
Lor Hor King
Red Prawn
Butter King

Prices range from about $16 to $24 per kg. If you are looking for some other tropical fruits to complement your durians, they also sell Thai and Malaysian coconuts.

Top Durian Station is located at Blk 372 Bukit Batok St 31 #01-350 Singapore 650372.


Golden Moments

Golden Moments’ website looks like a gentleman’s club, but hey, they deliver on the same day within 90 minutes of placing your order.

They have several varieties of de-husked durians, including the following:

Golden Phoenix
Red Prawn
Black Pearl
Premium Mao Shan Wang

Durian prices generally range from about $25.80 to $38.80 for 400g, and they also have bundles of 3 and 5 packs.

But it’s their range of durian treats that really stands out. The selection includes Mao Shan Wang durian puffs and durian ice cream.

Golden Moments has also launched a VIP membership programme. For $99 a year, you get $165 worth of perks, including year-long discounts of up to 50% off fresh durians, $100 worth of Golden Moments vouchers and free Three Legs Cooling Water.

Golden Moments is located at 110 Lorong 23 Geylang #07-10 Victory Centre Singapore 388410


Durian 36

Durian 36 is one of the most successful and well-known durian delivery services in Singapore, and operate a physical shop, Fruits Top 1 Department Store.

They also deliver durians and organise durian parties if you want to take your obsession with the spiky fruit to another level.

You can order varieties such as the following:

Mao Shan Wang
Sultan (D24)
Golden Phoenix
Black Thorn
Gang Hai

Prices range from $16 to $29 per kilo.

Durian 36 is located at 608 Geylang Road Singapore 389547. Order here.


Kungfu Durian

Image: Facebook / Kungfu Durian

Based on their name, it sounds like the owners of Kungfu Durian are fans of Stephen Chow movies. However, we’re less concerned about their sense of humour than their durians. And they have one advantage over the competition—they offer durians all year round, even off-season.

All their durians are de-husked and tightly sealed. Here are some of the durians on offer now:

Black Pearl
Black Thorn
D1 Ganghai
Golden Phoenix
Green Bamboo
Hor Lor
Johor Grade AAA Mao Shan Wang
Kasap Merah
Old Lady
Pahang Premium Highland Mao Shan Wang
Penang Butter King
Penang Capri
Penang Qing Pi
Penang Xiao Hong
Penang Zhu Chun
Red Prawn
XO Durian

You can expect to pay about $40 to $65 for 600g of freshly dehusked durians. They’ve also got puree and other random fruits like oranges, nectarines, and strawberries from Australia.

Kungfu Durian is located at 223 Jalan Kayu Singapore 799447. Order here.


SLH Fresh Fruits

SLH Fresh Fruits isn’t just a durian seller, they sell a whole variety of fruits and vegetables. They can be a good substitute for the usual online supermarkets if you’re mainly buying fresh produce.

As luck would have it, they have a special section on their website just for durian delivery.

The earliest they can deliver is the next day, provided you place your order before 8pm. On the bright side, they deliver every day, including public holidays.

Another perk is that their delivery charges are affordable, with $50 qualifying you for free delivery and orders worth $25 to $49.99 incurring just $4.90 in delivery fees.

Now, they have the following varieties of fresh durians:

Mao Shan Wang
Black Gold
Sultan King

You can expect to pay about $17.90 to $29.90 per pack of 400g to 430g for the above varieties.

All the durians are currently sold out, but they will update this section when durian season starts and even more varieties roll in.

Also, don’t forget to click on the green bar at the top of the screen to get a discount code!

SLH Fresh Fruits is located at Blk 727 Clementi West St 2 #01-248 Singapore 120727.


Durian SG Prime

With 60-minute delivery (for an extra fee), a variety of fresh fruits on offer including durians and a decent-looking, easy-to-use website, Durian SG Prime is a good choice if you’re looking for ease and convenience and don’t want to bother WhatsApping durian sellers. Everything can be done on their website, which displays prices clearly.

They’ve got the following varieties right now:

Tiger Black Gold
Tiger Old Tree
Normal Mao Shan Wang
Penang Yuan Bao
Penang D11
D13 Red Prawn
Penang D604
Penang D14

The catch is that you must buy a minimum of 3.5 kg worth of durians each time, which is equivalent to about 800g of durian flesh, packaged for you into a box. If you buy 2 boxes, their promotional prices work out to about $13 to $19 per kg.

Durian SG Prime is located at Lorong 24A 456 Geylang Singapore 389415.


What’s the difference between the popular types of durians?

Musang King (Mao Shan Wang): Musang King is one of the most sought-after durian varieties known for its rich, creamy, and bittersweet taste. It has a thick, golden-yellow flesh with a distinct aroma and a slightly sticky texture. Musang King durians are highly regarded for their intense flavour and are often considered the “king of durians.”

D24: D24 durians are widely enjoyed for their smooth and creamy texture. They have a sweet and slightly bitter taste with hints of caramel. The flesh is pale yellow and relatively firmer compared to other varieties.

XO: XO durians are known for their complex flavours and strong aroma. They have a creamy texture with a mix of sweet and bitter notes. The flesh is pale yellow to golden and is often described as buttery and flavorful.

Red Prawn (Hong Xia): Red Prawn durians are favoured for their vibrant reddish-orange flesh and distinctly sweet flavour. They are typically less bitter compared to other varieties, with a creamy and custard-like texture.

Golden Phoenix (Jin Feng): Golden Phoenix durians are smaller in size but pack a punch in terms of taste. They have a creamy and sticky texture with a sweet and slightly bitter flavour profile. The flesh is pale yellow and has a distinct fragrance.


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