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• The law firm will deliver the

exercised OTP by hand to the

seller law firm together with

the 4% exercising fee.

• Prior to this, the lawyer ensure

all legal requisites and searches

such as bankruptcy searches

comes up clean.

• Once received, the seller lawyer

will also serve redemption

notice to the seller's CPF and

bank (if applicable).


• You will need to execute the

OTP before your lawyer, and

pay the balance downpayment,

usually 4% of the purchase price.

• The Lawyer will calculate

how much cash, CPF and bank

loan and take your instructions

on how much to be used.


• To obtain the OTP, you will

pay an option fee, normally

1% of the purchase price.

• Once you’ve paid the option

fee, the seller is not allowed

to sell the property.


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how much stamp duties you
have to pay.

If you are using CPF to pay

stamp duty, do take note that

you have to pay using your

own cash first and get

reimbursement from CPF on

completion date.

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why, CPF cant be used to
pay stamp duty directly.


• Your lawyer will help to apply

for your CPF and also liaise

with the bank to drawdown

the loan.

You can find out more about
using your CPF for your private
property purchase here.


• The seller law firm will compile

the completion account after

receiving the outstanding

redemption statement from

seller's CPF and bank (if


• The buyer lawyer wil check

the completion account that

states how much is payable

to the seller's payee.



You are now a proud owner

of your new home!

• Keys collection is typically

after 530pm on completion

date, seller is obliged to

give you one set of keys to

enter the property.

ie one set of keys to metal

gate, main door, letter box.


• The buyer's law firm attends

completion in the seller law

firm typically between 2-5pm

in the afternoon.

• Both sides law firm will

check the documents to

ensure everything is

correct before handing over

the keys and cashier's order.


• The buyer will purchase the

respective cashier's order

according to the completion

account and pass to the lawyer.

• Do note that cheques are not

allowed for completion as

there's a chance that cheques

might bounce.

• The law firm will also give

instructions to CPF and

bank for the draw down of

funds for the completion.