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Is the sale price enough to repay

off the outstanding mortgage?


You can check how much CPF you

have used by logging into your

CPF account with your Singpass.

Click on 'My Request' on the left

and click on 'Property'.


• You will need to engage a lawyer

to receive the exercised OTP on

your behalf.

• The lawyer will also advise

you if your property is out of

the Seller Stamp Duty period

when they do a Title search.


• How to ensure a smooth

transition to your next


• How long does it take for

CPF to be refunded back into

your account and ready for

draw down again?


What documents does your

lawyer need from you?


What other information do

I need to know?


• Seller should check if they

are already out of the Seller

Stamp Duty period, else

SSD will be payable

within 14 days once the

buyer exercise the OTP.


• Buyer's law firm will

deliver the exercised OTP to

seller's law firm together

with the exercising fee

before 4pm on the deadline

to exercise.


• Seller's lawyer will serve a

redemption notice to CPF

and bank loan (if applicable).

• Seller needs to check on the

following before the serving

the notice.

• Mortgage loan is already

out of lock in period.

• There are no repricing

date or rate review date.

• This is to prevent any

penalties incurred due

to lock in or repricing date.

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• Seller will have to sign the

transfer document to allow

the transfer of ownership to

the buyer.

• In addition seller will also

have to pay the maintenance

fee and property tax for

the entire period first,

then seller law firm will

do the apportionment.

• The apportioned amount

will be returned back to the seller.


• Completion account typically

work backwards.

• ie Sale price less off

outstanding mortgage, less

off outstanding CPF used

and less off initial 1% + 4%

paid to derive the sales proceeds.


• The lawyer may adjust the

completion date earlier or

later if they found out there

are additional penalties arising

from the redemption notice.

• Do take note that the bank

may charge a $200 admin

fee to change the completion



• Under the law, buyers are

obligated to provide access

to the unit and also to the letter

box, so the minimum is one

set of keys.

• If there are any missing items

ie the access cards, the buyer

law firm will write to the seller

law firm to check with the client

on a goodwill basis.

• If the seller is not able to

locate the missing items, buyer

will then have to do the

replacement of keys/cards at

their own cost.


• The buyer's law firm attends

completion in the seller law

firm typically between 2-5pm

in the afternoon.

• Both sides law firm will check

the documents to ensure

everything is correct before

handing over the keys and

cashier's order.



• Sales proceeds collection

is typically after 530pm on

completion date.

• You may request for your

lawyer to bank in the sales

proceeds on your behalf.

• Do note that it takes about

3 weeks for the CPF refunds

to go back into your

CPF account.

• Once in, it takes another

7 clear working days to disburse

out (if you are purchasing

another property.)