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How much cash do I need?How long do I have to decide on my bank loan?How much CPF do I need?What document will the law firm need from me?Joint Tenancy or Tenancy-in-common?What are the documents I received? Option to purchase.What is it about?Sales and Purchase Agreement.
You need to bring:

1. NRIC(s).

2. Chequebook.

3. Signed offer letter (if applicable).

4. CPF statement (if applicable).

5. Marriage cert (if you are married) /Birth Cert (if parents and child purchase)

Stamp duty is paid within 14 days of exercising the S&P.
There will be no receipt, instead a 'stamp certificate' will be issued.
15% due on the 8th week can be paid using cash and/or CPF.Progressive Payments
Other Miscellaneous questionsLaw firm will exercise the S&P for you by sending it to the developer solicitor. Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) 1 year defects liability period. Certificate of Statutory Completionbuilding of wiring, piping, windows and door.Building of Car parks, roads, gardens, facilities.