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Check your eligibilityHow to calculate sales proceeds?How to choose your next house?
How to do a HDB Contra?

How to market my HDB?

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All about OTP
Seller have to plan their  next housing arrangement and work out the estimated sale proceed of their current flat and a financial plan if they are buying another HDB flat (new/resale/DBSS).
Submitting a resale application.

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HDB will SMS to inform you that resale application have been registered.

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You are required to endorse the documents through the HDB Resale Portal and pay the necessary fees online. An in-principle approval for the resale application will be granted once the documents are endorsed and necessary fees paid. An appointment will then be scheduled for buyers and sellers to attend to complete the resale transaction.

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HDB will SMS to inform you that resale application have been approved.

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What are the things to do and payments to pay before completion?HDB Inspection

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What happens during completion?Click here for all the miscellaneous questions.Buyer will apply for valuation the next day after receiving the OTP.