Valentine’s Day 2023—9 Date Ideas in Singapore Under $90 Per Couple

What makes the world go round—money, or love? On Valentine’s Day, these two entities go head to head. Each year, you struggle to show your special someone how much they mean to you without spending a small fortune.

But this is 2023. Fancy Valentine’s Day set dinners and bouquets of (even more so than usual) overpriced flowers aren’t just costly—they’re even a little passé.

So sayonara, cliché dinners and their frightful bills that you can barely afford. Here are 9 fun and romantic date ideas below $90 for Valentine’s Day 2023.


1. Art jamming at Artify Studio ($50)

Remember how much fun you had goofing around with paints back in school? Now you get to do that as an adult with your significant other at an art jamming session.

But first, what is art jamming? In contrast to art lessons, which are more serious and focused on techniques, art jamming sessions are just for you to muck around and have fun. At most places, all art materials are provided, so you and your partner just need to show up—preferably in some old clothes you don’t mind ruining.

Another great thing about art jamming is that you get to bring home your art piece (or the piece your partner made for you!). If canvas isn’t your thing, you can even unleash your creativity on a tote bag or flower pot.

Image: GIPHY

Cost: $25 to $39.50 per pax. Here’s a list of the most affordable art jamming studios we could find:

What you’ll get

Artify Studio
2.5 hours, 40cm x 50cm canvas

2 hours, 30x30cm square canvas/30cm round canvas

2.5 hours, 40x50cm rectangle canvas

Art Room by Studio Tovey
2 hours, 13.5″ x 12.5″ tote bag

3 hours, 40 x 50cm canvas

3 hours, 16 × 20″ canvas


2. Ice skating at The Rink ($36)

Okay, this one’s kinda cliché, but hear us out.

Ice skating is romance disguised as a sport. It’s a fun, low-pressure way to get active while still keeping the love alive. I mean, sure you could hit the gym together like you always do, but how romantic is that? 

As every bashful secondary school boy knows, ice skating is the perfect excuse to—ahem—offer a helping hand. But a word of warning: Don’t get overconfident and try to show off if you aren’t a seasoned skater. Otherwise, your romantic day could end with a trip to A&E—trust me, that’s a true story.

Image: GIPHY

Cost: $18 per adult for 2 hours at The Rinkinclusive of skate rentals. If you guys have your own skates, it’s $14/pax for 2 hours for admission only. 

Alternatively, $18/pax for 2 hours at Kallang Ice World, inclusive of skate rentals. Do contact them for the latest prices.


3. Picnic at sunset (under $50)

Image: Erwin Soo

There are few things that can leave your date more starry-eyed than a panoramic view of Singapore’s skyline as you clink your wine glasses and make a toast. But that doesn’t mean you need to suck it up and pay for expensive cocktails at 1-Altitude or Ce La Vie.

There are a ton of free-to-access picnic spots in Singapore. So long as it’s not raining, all you need are:

A picnic mat or groundsheet ($2+ at Daiso)
A bottle of wine from Wine Connection or the supermarket (budget ~$30)
Some nibbles from the deli section of Cold Storage (budget ~$10 to $15)

My personal favourite is the lush and green grass patch by the sea at Marina Barrage. No, you don’t actually walk up the Barrage. Instead, head towards the open air carpark and walk towards the yellow barricades. You’ll see a lot of people sitting on the grass beyond the barriers. Yup, that’s the spot!

Cost: Depends on how fancy you want your picnic to be. You can get a nice spread for 2 for well under $50.


4. Cafe hopping in Keong Saik ($50 to $80)

Image: tetsu-k

What if your beloved likes nothing more than prancing from hipster cafe to hipster cafe, sipping on flat whites, and gazing at you across vintage-style tables?

You head to the Duxton vicinity, of course. Just take the day off work and trawl through Keong Saik Road, Spottiswoode Park Road, and Everton Park. You’ll be spoilt for choice with all the  IG-worthy cafes to choose from.

Cost: For a main and coffee each, $50-$80 should cover both of you after GST and service charge. 


5. Changi Jewel Mirror Maze ($32)

Would you be lost without your significant other? With this next Valentine’s Day date idea, we’re pretty sure you’d be lost even with them.

The Changi Jewel Mirror Maze is what you would get if mirror illusions and a maze escapade had a lovechild. Just imagine a maze you have to try to find your way out of—only instead of green hedges, its walls are made of mirrors. The result is a tricky, kaleidoscopic puzzle that doubles up as an infinity haven for the perfect TikTok #fyp video or couple wefie opportunity.

Located within Jewel’s Canopy Park on level 5, the Mirror Maze ticket comes with access to Canopy Park, including the Discovery Slides, Foggy Bowls, Petal Garden, and Topiary Walk.

Cost: $15.90 per adult (Singaporean), otherwise $18.90 for non-Singaporean adults.


6. Dinner at the beach ($50 to $70)

Image: flyingfishfriends

If you want to have a romantic restaurant meal in beautiful surroundings, get ready to beg your boss for a cash advance. Valentine’s Day set menus are always insanely expensive, with paying close to $200/pax being nothing out of the ordinary for a decent 3- or 4-course set dinner.

If a romantic ambience is your top priority, consider whisking your date away to one of the more low key beaches. (Think Pasir Ris Park or Changi rather than Tanjong Beach.) Takeaway food may not exactly be 3-star Michelin dining, but nothing beats watching the sunset to set the mood.

There are also some casual-but-nice restaurant options located within our beaches and parks, such as Georges at Pasir Ris Park and The Seagrill at Changi BeachThey’re not exactly cheap, but still a lot less expensive than a meal off a Valentine’s Day menu at Dempsey, which starts from $200/pax.

If you have a tent or a laptop with a few good movies, bring them along as these little touches can really add to the atmosphere. Just don’t forget to bring lots of bug spray.

Cost: About $50-70, but do refer to the restaurant menus to get a better estimate. Remember to come armed with a good credit card for dining too.

7. Movie date at Cathay Platinum Movie Suites ($50)

Image: Leo Hidalgo

So maybe you both would love to catch one of the new movies, but that doesn’t feel special enough for a date on Valentine’s Day.

Well, upgrade the experience to a premium date at Cathay Cineplexes’ Platinum Movie Suites. At $25/pax, you and your date will get first class treatment at a pretty affordable price.

You get huge, comfy seats with ample leg room, meaning  that there shouldn’t be any idiots kicking your seat from behind. Business class dupe, maybe? Book ahead to avoid having to compete with every other couple in Singapore.

Cost: $25 per ticket, excluding booking fee.

8. Pottery or ceramic workshop at Taoz Ceramics Studio ($60)

Image: GIPHY

Looking for a Valentine’s date idea more meaningful than an overpriced dinner followed by a cheesy rom-com? Try a couple pottery session, if you haven’t already. While most pottery classes start from $80/pax, here are some  affordable options.

The lowest priced option is a ceramic and pottery workshop at Taoz Ceramics Studio. This will set you back by only $30/pax on Klook. The pottery workshop is pretty no frills and entails a very quick kneading and throwing session followed by a guided session of moulding and shaping. You’ll get to choose between one of the “template” designs—cups or bowls—which is honestly perfect for beginners. That aside, the instructor will usually ask you for your phone so he/she can snap lots of videos and photographs of you in action.

When you’re done, you’ll have to leave your final product with them. Taoz Ceramic will fire it for you and send you a SMS approximately 2 months after to come back for the colouring or collection. That’s a super long waiting time but, hey, that guarantees you another date at least.

Don’t want to wait that long to take home your clay creation? Want a ceramic workshop that’ll allow you more creative liberties? Try the Air Dry Clay Workshop at Sage Artelier. At $40/pax, you’ll get to learn basic coiling and pinching techniques to shape any claywork of your choice. From soap dishes to mobile phone stands, let those creative juices flow! You’ll also get to paint and glaze your work before bringing it home on the same day.

Cost: $30-40/pax

9. Gin distillery tour & tasting ($90)


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Here’s an alternative to getting wasted at your favourite atas bar: Tour a real gin distillery and learn to actually make your own cocktails instead.

For this V-day, head to Tanglin Gin’s distillery for their distillery tour, gin and cocktail tasting. You and your date will get a taste of how gin is made and walk away—hopefully still in a straight line—with more bar cred.

Not only does the activity sound fun, it can potentially help you save money if you learn to make and enjoy cocktails at home.

Cost: $45/pax, inclusive of gin & cocktails

At a glance: Valentine’s Day 20232—9 date ideas in Singapore under $90 per couple

Valentine’s Day activity
Cost per couple

Art jamming at Artify Studio

Ice skating at The Rink

Picnic at sunset
Up to $50

Cafe hopping at Keong Saik
$50 to $70

Changi Jewel Mirror Maze

Dinner at the beach
$50 to $70

Movie date at Cathay Platinum Movie Suites

Pottery or ceramic workshop at Taoz Ceramics Studio

Gin distillery tour & tasting at Tanglin Gin’s distillery


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