Everyone knows title deed is the most important piece of  paper they will own in life, its the same as COE of your 2 door BMW convertible and also IOU to people who owe you monies.So they keep it safe. Albeit too safe that it ends up inevitably got lost. It happens.

“So i purchase my property using full cash, and I kept my title deed in my treasure chest, but I lost my keys, so what happens now?”

After slogging and the hard toil of long working hours, eating simple food and not indulging in too much luxury, some of you probably tried saving money via the milo box or under-the-bed method, you have finally saved up enough to finally proceed to redeem your property! But, you get a shock of your life that, instead of the colourful high end quality paper that marks you as the true owner of the property, unencumbered, all you got from your law firm was a black–and–white paper copy of the your title deed.WHAT IS THIS?! WHERE IS MY ORIGINAL TITLE DEED!?” 

Calm down, our fellow readers! Your title deed is safe and sound, still in the hands of Singapore Land Authority (SLA) for their safekeeping on your behalf. Since the end of 2016, SLA decided to go paperless with the title deeds on behalf of the citizens.

So why does SLA do this? It’s our title deed!

Well, it is used to solve the main issue of homeowners who has been losing their title deeds. Over the years, there have been numerous cases of homeowners losing their title deed, resulting in major losses and tremendous amount of stress, headache and heartache. To know what are the steps to take to declare on the loss of your title deed, read here.

To know about how to do a redemption procedure, click here.

To also share with Citizens and PR homeowners, do note that, if you’ve previously used CPF for your property purchase back then, you’ve never really fully redeemed your property. You would need to do a voluntary refund of your CPF funds used + accrued interest incurred, that’s when you’ve truly paid up (in legal terms, fully discharged) your property.

To know about procedures to discharge CPF, click here.

PropertyWiki Tip: “What If I want my coloured original copy of the title deed, nonetheless?

This can be done! All you need to do is have your law firm inform SLA that you want to take charge of your own Title Deed certificate on your own and SLA will based on your instructions accordingly. But just keep it real safe, for the sake of your own well-being!